Image of Confetti planters

Confetti planters


Celebrate the proud plant parent that you are with these confetti planters! Sizes all vary.

Drain hole available on all planters

Select which one you want under 'options'
If selection is not under 'options', it means it's unavailable.

1) 5.5in W x 5in H
2) 8.25in W x 4.25in H
3) 5.5in W x 4.5in H
4) 5.25in W x 4.25in H
5) 6.5in W x 4.75in H (4.25in opening)
6) 6in W x 4.5in H (4in opening)
7) 4.5in W x 4.5in H
8) 5.25in W x 4.25in H (4.25in opening)

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